Few problems cause damage to relationships and families more than drug abuse. Dr. Mitch offers new and innovative treatment in the rehab in Thailand to end the cravings for all drugs which cause relapse, and the life problems that follow drug abuse and addiction.

In our judgment the best, fastest, and most effective approach to treatment combines the Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) adiction protocol with gender specific group therapy (recovery groups), this is the best rehab centre to seek for help.

Use the link provided for more information on the ETT treatment protocol from Dr. Steven Vazquez, the creator of ETT.

Dr. Mitch has been thoroughly trained in this and other ETT protocols and uses it in his practice when helpful and appropriate, find out more at the link.

Another form of treatment that can be helpful in treating drug addiction is Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFST).  Dr. Mitch has taken hours of training in the use of this treatment approach and uses it often, when helpful and appropriate, in his practice.

Narcotic Anonymous (NA)  founded in 1963, is a successful support system approach to ending drug abuse.  NA appropriately defines alcohol as a drug and recommends abstinence from alcoholic beverages as well as other drugs of abuse.   Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded in 1935, is the most successful support system approach to ending alcohol abuse.  Because it was the original 12-step program, many find that it offers one a better sobriety path and experience.  The steps of AA and of NA are identical, and ultimately recovery is found in the steps within a drug addiction rehab.  Dr. Mitch possesses a deep well of expertise in 12-step programs and is equipped to answer questions and add additional support to those pursuing abstinance through NA or AA.